Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BOOK TOUR: Clock Flower + Giveaway

I am super excited to share with you a series I found this month! The third book, the The Clock Flower by Barbara Casey, was a great read! Furthermore, I am sharing A GIVEAWAY at the bottom of the page in partnership with iRead Book Tours 😊

The Clock Flower by Barbara Casey - 4/5

This is the third installment in the FIG Mystery series, by Barbara Casey. Out of the three FIG Mystery books, this one is my favourite!

As the FIGs learn to survive the world outside of Wood Rose, this book shared the adjustments that these intellectual geniuses made at their respective universities. When the opportunity arises for Mackenzie to work on a top secret project in the same country that Dara is offered to visit an archaeological site, the expedition leads the FIGs and Carolina on a busy trip to China. It's also there that Mackenzie discovers the shocking truth about her birth parents.

The FIGs struggled in their universities were relatable and things that surprised these young intellectuals were fun to read about. As for Carolina, her gypsy powers have greatly developed since the first novel and I am glad she was able to use them as she helped Mackenzie. In China, the family relations were enjoyable to read about, and the research about immortality was exciting!

Overall, I have had a great time reading about the FIGs and Carolina, their personal path of growth was fun to read about!

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