ARC Review: Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Hey lovelies! How about a review about one of the biggest YA sequels of the year!?

Legendary by Stephanie Garber - 4.5/5

- received ARC from publisher in exchange for review -

This is the long awaited sequel to Caraval, and I was so excited to continue the story of the mysterious Legend. And this book definitely lived up the hype.

This one followed sister Tella, and her journey throughout another game of Caraval. I liked the setting of this one, in a new magical city, with even more dangers. Following her heart, Tella is relying on fate and a magical deck of cards to free her trapped mother, while balancing her conflicting feelings for certain characters. Readers see a more vulnerable side of Tella throughout the novel as she faces intimate dangers very close to her heart.

Beyond Tella, Scarlett's character grows, and you see a more daring side of Scarlett as the story progresses. At one point, I thought she was hiding details about Legend from Tella, but that is all apart of the story. The twists and turns in this novel I adored, and kept me guessing until the end. AND HELLO THAT CLIFF HANGER *wow* !!! I know that the third book in this series will be even more anticipated than this one!

The only thing that I did not love about this book, was the occasional naive decisions from Tella. They seemed childish, and forced. One or two confusing moments in the beginning also occurred, but beyond that, I adored it!

(Finished April 17th)